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Apostle Leroy H. Cannady is referred to as an “Apostolic Father” by his peers. In a world that is constantly changing, Bishop Cannady holds fast to the Apostolic Doctrine. He has been a major soldier on the battlefield for many years. He was the Pastor of Refuge Way of the Cross Church of Christ, Inc. over for 50 years.


Among his many accomplishments are:

  • Began preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in 1949

  • Founder of the Refuge WOTCC in June, 1958

  • Consecrated to the Office of Bishopric in August, 1970

  • Elevated to the Office of the Presiding Bishop of The Way of the Cross Church of Christ, International in August, 1985

  • Radio Ministry from 1968 to 2010 and beginning on May 10, 2014, is back on the air on Heaven 600 Radio

  • Publisher of the following articles:

    • Salvation, the Character and Nature of God 

    • God Head; Water Baptism; the Baptism of the Holy Ghost; One God  

  • Give Me This Mountain – A Leap of Faith (Autobiography 2003)

  • Appointed Dean of the Apostolic Ministerial Alliance in 2010

  • Recipient of Apostolic World Christian Fellowship Torch

  • Founder of the Theodore Barber Scholarship Foundation

  • Published “Understanding the Infallible Word of God”

  • Elevated to the Office of Apostleship in August, 2016


Apostle Cannady was married for sixty-four (64) years to the late First Lady Virginia R. Cannady until her transition on April 29, 2008. He is the proud father of eight children (one has passed), twenty-five grandchildren, twenty-six great-grandchildren, and five great-great-grandchildren.


Among all of his many accomplishments however, Bishop Cannady is often heard to say: “The greatest name you can call me is a servant. For I am a servant of God and to the people of God.”

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