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The Visitor's Experience

What To Expect

Refuge is a family-oriented church that has been in existence for almost 70 years.  We believe that God has never wanted a family church, but a church family.  We come from diverse backgrounds and from different professions and different life experiences and culture, but what unites us as a family is the love and care we show and have for one another and for the God that we serve.  God demands that we treat each other as we want to be treated and what we have done to the least of these, we have done unto Him.  We take that serious and strive to show love one to another.  You will be greeted by our ushers and deacons and we will ensure your visit with us will be one that you will remember fondly and who knows, you may choose to become a member of this God fearing, family loving church.


We are expressive in our worship and believe our God is worthy of all the praise and honor due His name.  He has done so much for us an individuals and for this ministry.  There will be singing and shouting and various forms worship along with the 5-fold ministry and the gifts of God being manifested and on display in God’s house.  Expect the unexpected because when God is on the move, He has preeminence in our services.  Expect a move of God and to feel the love of God while at Refuge and from its members.

What To Wear

We believe that God deserves our best.  Wear what is comfortable yet worthy of being in the presence of the magnificent God we serve.  We are an expressive ministry and believe in the moving Spirit of God.  You will see singing, hand clapping, shouting and other forms of worship while in our sanctuary.  We allow the free expression of your relationship with God which is why we encourage all who are attending to dress comfortably should the Spirit of God move upon you.  We do not want your clothing to be a hinderance to your praise to God.  Do not let your attire be a hinderance to coming to worship God either.  Wear what God has blessed you with and know that He will honor your desire to be in the house of God to show your gratitude for what He has done for you and your family. Come with a mind of praise and worship the God of our salvation and to hear an encouraging word from the ministerial staff.

Where To Park

We are currently in a building expansion project that will expand our facility to seat an additional 500 people comfortably with new office space and meeting rooms. Therefore, parking is limited, but we do have on street parking on the East 43rd street side and on the Old York Road side as our church sits on the corner in between both streets.  Additionally on the Old York Road side there is a parking lot right across the street from the church that you are welcome to use.  We have our deacons outside before service begins to ensure we find a parking space for you and your family.  We also have escorts to walk you to your car when it becomes dark or should inclement weather occur.

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