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Funding & Sponsors

Refuge has funding for the main sanctuary, lobby, restrooms on the main floor, AV equipment and furniture for the sanctuary and some meeting rooms.  But in order to prepare this facility to meet the needs of our well-deserving community, we need your help.  With your help, we can make this facility ready for operation on day one or soon after.   We need full access to classrooms, meeting rooms and resources such as laptops and technology for our community.  As you review the diagram of the Floor Plans presented in this document, consider that we are in need of sponsorship of rooms, supplies and technology by you or your corporation to ensure that we have what is necessary to turn the tide in our neighborhood beginning on day one of the completion of the new facility.  God will honor our desire to be a strong support to the community with your sponsorship of love.  You can specify the room or supplies you would like to sponsor or you can make a general donation to the completion of our facility.  Please see the attached diagrams below for more details regarding the Floor Plans.

What will you receive?


We are a 501(c)(3); therefore, all of your donations are tax deductible.  

  • Provide you with a receipt of your donation for your records and tax purposes.

  • Place a gold plaque of sponsorship on the outside of the room you sponsor 

  • Include your name or company on the sponsorship wall in the main lobby of the new sanctuary.  

  • Send you a monthly newsletter on the status of our ministry to give you a comfort level that we are living up to our commitment to the community and their families with your generous sponsorship.

Next Steps:


Refuge is looking for partnerships and we welcome your involvement in our project.  We are open to meet with you, your team, company or staff to further articulate our vision for the community.  Please attend any of our services and come by to meet with our founder, our pastor and/or executive staff.  We believe in total transparency and honesty.  Feel free to give us a call should you need more information or wish to schedule a meeting with us at 410-323-9027.  We will respond promptly and work to provide you with all the information you need to feel comfortable with your support of our vision for the community.

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