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Our Expectation

Our goal is to make the new expanded Refuge Way of the Cross Church of Christ the “The Center of Attention”.  Our goal is for the community to come to our center when they need help, guidance, counseling, support or a safe place to be.  Refuge will have our facility open 6 days a week, staffed with professionals and experts from our congregation. 

We have been blessed with members who have served or are serving in a variety of professional occupations that are willing to volunteer their time, knowledge and expertise in support of our community.  Our plan is to use the space in our new facility as meeting rooms, computer labs, study halls and licensed support centers.  We envision a flow of community residents in and out of our facility on a regular basis to find the resources and support they need for themselves and their families.  

Refuge is actively working on licensing requirements, to convert two homes to transitional housing or rooming houses for displaced individuals looking for a place to stay.  We are also working on plans to convert the current sanctuary to a multi-purpose community hall for weddings, dinners, community meetings and theatrical plays once the new facility is completed.  

How can we support our community in being a drug-free environment? 

What licensing is necessary if we choose to bring the following programs into our new facility: 

  • Education Classes (GED)

  • Day and Night Care

  • After School Programs for children

  • Computer Labs

  • Licensed Professional Counseling

  • Adult Day Care Options

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