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Project Board

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Bishop Troy Barnett

Pastor Troy Barnett was appointed Pastor of Refuge Way of the Cross Church of Christ, Inc., in January of 2016 and consecrated on August 16, 2016.  He has been with Refuge since 2007 and held many positions in the ministry.  Pastor Barnett is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a double major in Political Science and Sociology.  In July of 2017 completed his MBA from the University of Maryland-College Park RH Smith School of Business. He is also a former NFL Defensive Lineman with the New England Patriots and Washington Redskins.  He has been instrumental in helping Refuge solidify its financial infrastructure.  He works for SAP, the third largest software company in the world where he specializes in Human Capital Management Cloud Technology in the Retail vertical.  Before joining SAP in February of 2017, he was employed by Under Armour for 10 years, leading supply chain and HR Technology teams over those 10 years.  Troy has expertise in Process & System Design/Redesign, Project Management, Proposal Development and RFP/Contract Management.  He has a mind for business and is always working to find ways to build financial security to allow the Refuge Way of the Cross Church of Christ support the many community endeavors that are yet before them.

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Lady Tiffany Barnett
Elect Lady

Lady Tiffany Barnett is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology.   She has a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education from Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  She is currently a high school Trigonometry and Geometry teacher at Sparrows Point High School in Baltimore County.  Previously, she was the Principal at The H.O.P.E. Academy and Huber Child Development Center in Baltimore, Maryland.  Lady Barnett led this private Christian school that serves 180 students from grades PK3 to 5th with a staff and administration population of 30.  Her passion for education began with the home schooling of her own two daughters Tiana and Taylor.  Tiana is a 2017 graduate of Towson University in Baltimore, Maryland with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education.  Taylor will graduate from Morgan State University, Baltimore, Maryland with a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering in May of 2019.  Lady Barnett and Pastor Barnett have been married since 1994.

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Vivian Cannady Person
Church Administrator

From June 1958 to the present, Vivian is one of the original 16 members of Refuge Way of the Cross Church, Inc. and is the daughter of our Founder Apostle Leroy H. Cannady Sr. She worked nearly twenty (20) years in the U.S Congress and more than thirty (30) years in the legal community. Her vast knowledge in these areas have become invaluable to the church and in the communities. She was pivotal in the administration and acquisition of several church owned entities: assisted living facility, an 8-unit apartment building, boarding home and many other related projects. Vivian is the Church Administrator of Refuge and uses her knowledge of people-skills to aid her in working with the ministries and members of the church.  She gives all credit to her parents who taught her valuable life lessons in dealing with people. Vivian is a hard and dedicated worker who enjoys challenges.  Vivian has a Bachelor of Theology Degree from the Apostolic Christian College, Washington, D.C, as well as an associate degree in Paralegal from the Baltimore Community College.     

Shirley Smoot Johnson
Church Historian

Dr. Shirley A. Smoot Johnson has been a member of Refuge Way of the Cross of Christ Inc. since 1959.  For 59 years she has been keeping the historical records of events, changes and moves throughout the evolution of Refuge.  She is the oldest remaining member since the beginning of the Refuge ministry.  Dr. Johnson is a graduate of Bates Academy where she was a Salutatorian focusing on Business Administration.  She received an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Humanitarian from the Apostolic World Christian Fellowship, South Bend, Indiana and has a Bachelor of Theology Degree from the Apostolic Christian College, Washington, D.C.  She has numerous certifications and has held positions with the Maryland State Department and Doctors on Wall Street.  She has a passion to work for the ministry and the people of God.  In addition to her role as Church Historian and Executive Secretary, she is active on the national level where she is on the Executive Secretarial Staff of the Way of the Cross Church of Christ, International.

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